Rockwithyou, 28 y.o. from Berlin, Germany

About: I am Rockwithyou, 28 from Berlin, Germany. I'm like the wind, trust me, loose yourself into the colourfull deepness of heart and soul, a rainbow is coming down on earth, its me its you, just feel the difference in colour. I am a child, a woman and something what we call the essence of purity. the ray of light and sometimes the shadow in the dark. I am fire and water between is nothing. Guys arround the world pay attention if you search your special half. Maybe some one of you is the match making one. Please no daydreamers, i love the man of the modern realistic world with resources and know how in woman's desire and how to pleasure them from a-z :-) Actually i am just married with my work . I am a Spa owner. But my mind is free for a new live in future as well. Iam into... Italian: Donna tedesca vuole incontrare l'uomo di corrispondenza all'estero, per vivere felici in qualche bellissimo. French: Femme allemande veut rencontrer l'homme de contrepartie pour vivre heureux à l'étranger quelque part belle. Spanish: Mujer alemana quiere encontrarse con el hombre a juego para vivir felices en el extranjero en alguna hermosa. Thai: ผู้หญิงเยอรมันเพื่อตอบสนองความต้องการของมนุษย์ที่ตรงกันสำหรับความสุขอยู่ต่างประเทศที่สวยงามแห่งหนึ่ง Ting Viet: Người phụ nữ Đức muốn gặp người đàn ông phù hợp cho hạnh phúc sống ở nước ngoài một nơi nào đó đẹp. Chinese: 德国女人要满足匹配的人,为快乐活国外某处美丽。 Korean: 독일 여자는 어딘가에 아름다운 해외 행복 라이브에 대해 일치하는 남자를 만나고 싶어. Japanese: ドイツの女性は、どこか美しい海外で幸せに生きてマッチングの男に会いたい。 Malay: Wanita Jerman mahu memenuhi orang yang sepadan untuk hidup bahagia di luar negara tempat yang indah. Bahasa Indonesia: Wanita Jerman ingin bertemu pria yang cocok untuk hidup bahagia luar negeri suatu tempat yang indah.

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