Irina, 21 y.o. from Vinnytsia, UA

About: I am Irina, 21 from Vinnytsia, UA. You will never be able to escape from your heart!!! So it’s better to listen to what it has to say…Sometimes, we listen and other days when we ignore the words from our heart it starts hurting and everything gets so complicated for us. For me it’s really essential to have a profound and close connection with my mind, heart and my actions. I mean, that sooner or later you will anyway get the idea of what your heart tells you and it’s always the correct answer and the correct idea. I have a special question here for you. What will you do in case if your woman is upset? What are your instruments in order to cheer her up?? Are you going to hold me and tell me, that you love me?? What is next?? I’m very passionate, romantic, creative and capricious. I adore yoga, travelling and painting! I would be happy to paint you one day.

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