Tatyana, 32 y.o. from Odessa, UA

About: I am Tatyana, 32 from Odessa, UA. I consider myself like very feminine and tender woman. I love to look elegant and i think that i have very good taste in fashion and except this i have very good manners) I got very nice education from my parents and i am really very family-orientated because i put family higher than other things in this world. I am very kind and reliable in what i am saying. If i know that i can't hold my promise - i will not say that i will do it! I am trying to behave myself like a serious and intelligent woman, i want people to be comfortable near me and i think that i am very good friend and partner, because in hard situations - my friends can rely on me and i will stay with them or at least - i will try to give good advice and stay honest in my thoughts with them and dont hurt or leave in trouble. I think that being a human nowadays - is really very important and i am trying to keep it in my mind and be a good person inside.

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