Tanya, 32 y.o. from Vancouver, BC, Canada

About: I am Tanya, 32 from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hi! I am Tanya and I live in the beautiful British Columbia. I am 29 but i look older that I actually am haha . So I come from an educated family from Ukraine but my mom came here with me when I was about 9-ish so we have moved here to BC and since then I have been here. I have been a dentist for about 2 years and I love my job. I have never been married or had kids but I do own a cute doberman pincher. I have a great sense of humor but you always have to have self control. I love to have a great time with my friends at a club, party , shopping, archaeology museums , grabbing a bite to eat at like a restaurant, library or just a plain hang out at a cafe. I absolutely LOVE animals , I adore horses ( I own 1 on my aunts farm ) My hobbies are ice skating , rollerblading, painting , reading, writing books , exercising , eating , shopping , snowboarding and going on trips . I love talking to new people so if you think we could be friends than so do I

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