Webmaster, 30 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine

About: I am Webmaster, 30 from Kiev, Ukraine. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Слава Україні! Героям Слава! Thanks for visiting my profile which consists of the following parts: 1 part is about me as the entrepreneur who manage own web & mobile development company. We create the unique websites, e-stores, mobile apps, games, social networks, web design services. We work worldwide. Ukrainian programmers have high experience and a lot of skills, but price per hour is much lower compared to European or US/Canadian prices. I'm always looking for the Customers and Partners! 2 part. I'm a volunteer. Ukrainian soldiers are still alive in the fighting line because thousands of volunteers help each day to get food, warm clothes, military and other equipment. Unfortunately, Ukrainian government don't care about our nation. Unfortunately, Russia is our enemy for today. Life in Ukraine is more harder with every passing day but we believe in better future. We build our future now. Just pray for Ukraine! P.S. Thanks to everyone who help. 3 part. About me a bit. I'm young entrepreneur. It's my lifestyle and I want to meet people who are in the same wave. I do love psychedelic trance music and festivals. As well as metal and rock music. Let’s create something really good and interesting/important. Let's respect our lifetime! I'm open minded person, student of MBA School of The Open University and I do love metal and psychedelic trance music and I do love travel! I want to visit many countries to find there my potential partners for IT outsourcing. Anyone who want to support me in this - always happy to talk! I do love to travel and I need earn the money for that - so let's make money for travels together and I'll not ask you to send me something. I hope it's clear. From Ukraine with Love, Elena It's better to be the closed person than the open book. Everyone who is really interested will read it till the end. P.S. So, only YOU got my name because you are persistent and read my profile till the end:)

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